Moscow Mathematical Journal № 2/2001

Moscow Mathematical Journal № 2/2001
Год издания:
300 экз.
Количество страниц:
160 стр.

В этом номере опубликованы статьи:
А. Белавин, С. Губанов, Б. Фейгин Обрыв функциональных соотношений XXZ-модели в корнях из единицы
Ю. Неретин Матричные шары, радиальный анализ ядер Березина и гипергеометрические определители
Д. Панюшев Индуктивные формулы для индекса водорослевых алгебр Ли
В. Тарасов, А. Варченко Малая эллиптическая квантовая группа $e_{\tau,\gamma}(\mathfrak{sl}_N)$
Э. Винберг Эквивариантная симплектическая геометрия кокасательных расслоений

The Moscow Mathematical Journal (MMJ) is an international quarterly published (paper and electronic) by the Independent University of Moscow and distributed worldwide by the American Mathematical Society. MMJ presents highest quality research and research-expository papers in mathematics from all over the world. Its purpose is to bring together different branches of our science and to achieve the broadest possible outlook on mathematics, characteristic of the Moscow mathematical school in general and of the Independent University of Moscow in particular.

An important specific trait of the journal is that it especially encourages research-expository papers, which must contain new important results and include detailed introductions, placing the achievements in the context of other studies and explaining the motivation behind the research. The aim is to make the articles-at least the formulation of the main results and their significance-understandable to a wide mathematical audience rather than to a narrow class of specialists.